Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ashura Day at Divan

Ashura (also known as asure, Noah's Dessert, or Noah's Pudding)is a traditional dessert in Turkey. Tradition holds that asure is the meal Noah made from all the stored fruits and grains on the Ark after the Great Flood subsided. The multitude of ingredients symbolize gratitude and sharing of life’s bounty.
While the ingredients of Noah’s Pudding sound a bit unusual, don’t hesitate to try this delicious holiday recipe. One wonderful aspect of asure is a forgiving flexibility when substituting ingredients. If you have a different dried fruit or mild bean in your cupboard, add it to the mix of grains, fruits, and legumes. Toss in dried cranberries, hazelnuts, or pecans, or your favorite addition from the bulk section of the grocery store in the spirit of Noah’s first meal off the Ark.

Cook Noah’s Pudding dessert in large quantities and enjoy with loved ones, neighbors, and acquaintances. You can find the ashura recipe in `cooking club recipes`.

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Hijabi Apprentice said...

Wow! My Turkish friend Ummihan made this and shared it with me on Ashura!